Official activity

  • 作曲(現代コンピュータ音楽,純器楽作品)|1995〜2001
  • 映像制作(コンピュータアニメーション)|1996〜2001

Personal activity

  • 編曲(ゲーム音楽)
  • オリジナル曲創作

Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux

- for computer animation (1996)

This work is created with a short music of the ballet, "Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux". The ballet itself was choreographed by George Balanchine. He'd found this music which actually had not been performed though P. I. Tchaikovsky composed for "Swan Lake", one of his three greatest ballets, and he has choreographed it as an independent piece from the story. This work faithfully expresses movements of the dance and the music on the piece which has those details, and it has more originality by addition to the techniques of the computer graphics.